OutdoorProductions creates brand images.

Your product is designed for the outdoors and terms like active, wild or 

tough would describe it rather insufficiently? Then we will match perfectly!

Our team provides visual solutions that will make your brand more distinctive 

and authentic.

Our work covers the essential planning and production routines required for a 

professional shooting. This includes:

Budgeting, Visual Concepts, Planning, Location-Scouting, Casting, Production 

and of course Photography and Video including Image Processing and 


Your budget will be saved because our mentoring of all essential processes 

from start to finish avoids the usual loss of efficiency. It enables us to optimize 

the workflow and the creative output.

Your advantage of working with us is our creativity plus our personal affinity 

and passion for various outdoor activities such as trekking, sailing, hunting, 

fishing, forestry, off-road adventures etc.

We understand your product and the needs of a genuine brand identity.

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